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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Tooth Fairy: According to MY Daughter

I was very excited to find out that my daughters 2 bottom teeth are loose and getting ready to fall out!

My daughter:  Not so much!             

As I am rambling about how exciting it is that her first tooth is coming out and that means she is becoming a big girl. I then asked her if she knew what else happens after her tooth falls out?  She said “no.” I said the tooth fairy comes for a visit!

Well with that my daughter cocks her head to the side and she gives me the “the look.” I should have known what was coming next…but…of course still being in mommy mode and forgetting that I am talking to MY daughter I ask what…and then the following conversation takes place:

My daughter: Mommy how does she know?

Me:  how does who know?

My daughter:  the tooth fairy

Me: know what?

My daughter:  When my tooth falls out?

Me (look of shock and confusion and stuck for a response): she just knows

My daughter: But how?

Me (not knowing how to respond):  remember when you were watching brother bear and he lost a tooth and the tooth fairy came while he was sleeping and left him money? Its like that.

My daughter: (head tilts again, eyebrow raised): Mom…that’s a cartoon!

Me: (just confused and still not coming up with anything good for that one)

My daughter: Well...

Me:  (in my angry..yet very frustrated mom tone, trying to regain control this situation): She just knows..she’s a fairy!

My daughter:  (eyeroll) Yeah…well…. we will see!

And turns and walks away from me. Leaving me stuck  & confused & questioning the following:
  1. How old is she really?
  2. What kid questions the tooth fairy, especially when there is money involved
  3. Then fear…is she going to be that kid that realizes early that Santa Clause doesn’t exist and then tell all her friends??!!! OMG I really hope not! I would be completely mortified!!!!

I love that my daughter is independent and thinks for herself and questions the things that don’t make sense, but I wish sometimes that she would just be a 4 year old kid. It is really draining to have rational conversations at times with a 4 year old. We try to keep them young, but they want to just grow up and question the things around them. I guess in the end it will serve her a great purpose in life..but right now…I just to be a mommy to a 4 year old.

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